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Autoliv latest new Core Partner in Vehicle ICT Arena

Autoliv, the world’s leading automotive security company, is the latest to become a Vehicle ICT Arena Core Partner, bringing to the table key competencies in traffic and vehicle safety. Together with the other Core Partners, including Combitech, Ericsson, Volvo Cars and Volvo Group, Autoliv strengthens the Vehicle ICT Arena’s role as a driver of world-class innovation in the automotive industry.

Autoliv will contribute to the initiative by participating in overarching strategic direction and management, in joint forums and arenas, as well as in specific projects. 

”With the digitalization of the vehicle fleet and the rapid development within autonomous driving, the automotive is reclaiming its historically central role as platform for both industrial and economic development. We look forward to developing new collaborations via Vehicle ICT Arena which save more lives”, says Johan Löfvenholm, Group Vice President Product & Process Development, Autoliv. T

he global industrial need for broad cooperation and common industry standards is ever increasing. By designing common rules and development languages within areas such as safety, environment, and energy consumption, it is possible to both secure the degree of innovation in the automotive industry and simultaneously make it easier for an increased number of new innovation-intense companies to contribute to this development. 

Autoliv, previously a premium partner, chooses to deepen its involvement since it considers Vehicle ICT Arena an important element in this process, and a catalyst for the creation of new business models, industry standards and globally competitive competencies.

According to Johan Löfvenholm, it is especially important to secure common operational processes which shorten lead times between new ideas and new products, and which open up the market towards a broader spectrum of innovative actors – albeit without ever compromising process and product security. 

”We are glad to see a growing number of innovative industries and sectors gather around the automotive industry. Simultaneously though, it is important to actively secure processes which both increase innovation and which don’t decrease but actually increase security and quality. Here, Autoliv has an important role to play”, Johan Löfvenholm comments. 

With Autoliv, Vehicle ICT Arena welcomes yet another global heavy weight as a Core Partner. The company is the world leader of automotive safety, and with over 60,000 co-workers in 27 countries, Autoliv develops and supplies safety systems to all major car manufacturers worldwide.

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