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Vehicle ICT Arena - Innovation Bazaar

7 november 2018 13:00 till 17:00
Lindholmen Conference Centre, Lindholmspiren 3-5, Göteborg. Room Pascal
Innovation starts with personal relationships and creativity. The actors need to meet, present research results, ideas and products, discuss trends and customer needs. That's why Lindholmen Science Park invites you to the Innovation Bazaar.
Innovation Bazaar, Lindholmen Conference Centre

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Renewal of the vehicle industry

Digitalization is sweeping in over the vehicle industry. It will open great opportunities for some actors - and it will be a hostile tsunami for some. Vehicle ICT Arena was formed to support the change with a focus on the in-vehicle systems. We want to develop a strong local eco-system to be a node in a global industry.

Innovations are developed in collaboration between actors of different kind and size. Small edge technology companies are perfect hosts for some innovations while larger companies have the right capacities for others. Tool vendors have many opportunities to improve speed and value per engineering hour. Academia and research institutes feed in fundamental research, knowledge and provide open testbeds. Hence, an eco-system needs a diversity of actors playing together.

Vehicle industry is a global industry with fierce competition. To be successful an actor needs to be at the forefront in technology and business model adaptation. The actor needs to be able to scale up fast to cover the global market and serve market demand when new innovations fills a gap in customer needs.  

- Are we in the Swedish cluster prepared to move fast enough?

Vehicle ICT Arena has formed activities to support collaboration between vehicle OEMs and external software suppliers since 2012. Innovation Bazaar, Open Innovation Challenges, VICTA Lab, Born to Drive, SHOP are all examples of activities. What is the result and lessons learned for the future? Anders Hjalmarsson-Jordanius, senior researcher at RISE Viktoria will present results from his research.

Digitilization will be successful if large scale platforms are open for products and services delivered from a diversity of actors. The classical OEMs are challenged by tech-giants to be owner of the platforms. Classical OEMs are moving from just making cars towards mobility providers. The classical supplier structure is also challenged. Companies are moving away from a boxed role in a hierarchy towards higher value propositions with partners based on new business models. 

Invited keynote speakers are Magnus Östberg, VP Engineering E&S, Aptiv and Alwin Bakkenes, MD Automotive Luxoft. Both are high level managers in leading supplier companies in the vehicle industry. Both Aptiv and Luxoft have large engineering organisations with a global foot print, and with cutting edge development centres located in Gothenburg. They partner with OEMs and tech-giants in leading projects. They will present how their companies change over time to stay competitive, and what they want to see in Gothenburg to stay competitive and grow here.

Panel - How can we make Gothenburg attractive in the change? Anders, Magnus and Alwin will join the panel together with representatives from OEMs and start-ups. Hopefully the audience will contribute to a fruitful discussion.

Several projects in FFI Fordons Forsknings och Innovationsprogrammet, area EMK (Elektronik Mjukvara Kommunikation) will present their results. 


Programme 12th Innovation Bazaar


Welcome and introduction
Kent Eric Lång, Project Manager, Lindholmen Science Park and RISE Viktoria Swedish ICT



Renewal of the vehicle industry

Open digital innovation driven by Vehicle ICT Arena
Dr. Anders Hjalmarsson-Jordanius, Assoc. Professor, Research Manager, Digital Innovation, RISE Viktoria

A Tier 1 view
Magnus Östberg, VP Engineering E&S Aptiv

Software vendor view
Alwin Bakkenes, MD Automotive, Luxoft

Voices from the Bazaar
Moderator: Kent Eric Lång, Project Manager, Lindholmen Science Park and RISE Viktoria Swedish ICT



Elevator pitch from the exhibitors
Moderator: Kent Eric Lång



Networking Break - Visit the Exhibition - Coffee



How can we make Gothenburg attractive in the change?

VICTA expectations and experiences
Kent Eric Lång, Project Manager, Lindholmen Science Park and RISE Viktoria Swedish ICT

Panel discusson
Alwin Bakkenes, MD Automotive, Luxoft
Magnus Östberg, VP Engineering E&S
Anders Hjalmarsson Jordanius, Assoc. Professor, Research Manager, Digital Innovation, RISE Viktoria
Anna Westerberg, SVP Connected Solutions Volvo Group
Martin Krantz, Founder and CEO Smarteye
Mike Moghaddas, Partner at Beam



Networking Break - Visit the Exhibition - Smoothies



Supporting know how from FFI projects (TBC)

VeriSpec - Strukturerad specifikation och automatisk verifiering för funktionssäkra fordon
Predrag Filipovikj, Mälardalens högskola

SynCity - Syntetisk data för träning av djupa neuronnät
Jonas Unger, Linköpings Universitet

VCloud II, Styrsystem och Reglering hos Autonomt Styrda Fordon med fokus på energiförbrukning
Rickard Arvidsson, Volvo Cars

Automatiskt laddbara fordon i prosumentens ekosystem
Urban Kristiansson, RISE Viktoria



VICTA Summary, and next step

Vehicle ICT Arena summay, and next step
Kent Eric Lång



New generation head/eye-tracking

osCar - V2X SW Framework

TimeCriticalNetworks, Alkit, RISE Viktoria

MDH Mälardalens Högskola
VeriSpec - Tool demo


Business Sweden
Collaboration with Modena Italy


Carla ridesharing service

Yonohub innovation product

With subject to any changes.

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Kent Eric Lång, Project Manager, Vehicle ICT Arena
Phone: +46 702 410 103
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