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Vehicle ICT Arena - Innovation Bazaar

7 september 2017 13:00 till 17:00
Lindholmen Conference Centre, Lindholmspiren 3-5, Göteborg. Room Pascal
Innovation starts with personal relationships and creativity. The actors need to meet, present research results, ideas and products, discuss trends and customer needs. That's why Lindholmen Science Park invites you to the Innovation Bazaar.

The event is fully booked


Developing mobility services


In the 20th century the car was the sign of freedom and success. In the near future it will be the platform for mobility services and other services. The user experience provided is something completely different when You don´t own Your car and instead use mobility services. The value of the future mobilty market is estimated to be many times larger than todays car market. The race is already at full speed for the right technology and to capture a large customer base.

- Are we in the Swedish cluster prepared to move fast enough?

In January 2017 Volvo Cars announced it is to set up a new shared mobility business unit as part of a broad expansion of its car sharing and mobility services. The new business unit will be based around Sunfleet, one of the world’s first car sharing companies that has been operated by Volvo since 1998. Volvo said it will in future be expanded into new global markets and provide an entirely new range of mobility services to meet changing consumer expectations around how they own and engage with cars. The chief executive of the new business is Bodil Eriksson. Bodil will talk to the challenges and opportunities and share reflections from the development work.  

Born to Drive is a project formed within Vehicle ICT Arena. The idea is to utilize the Volvo ADAS technology as enabler and to expand this in autonomous transportation (AT) applied in logistics process. Volvo Cars Torslanda plant is used as pilot. After two years the eight project partners have developed a demo. The concept and project experience will be presented. 

May 22nd Minister for Enterprise and Innovation Mikael Damberg announced that he asked RISE, The Swedish Research Institute, to develop a proposal on how a joint research environment in electromobility could look and be co-funded. Henrik Svenningstorp got the task to make a proposal on how industry, public and academy can jointly strengthen research and development in the area by establishing a new unique test bed where the major vehicle manufacturers utilize skills and research infrastructures with universities and public actors. Henrik will talk about the opportunities for us.

Several projects in FFI Fordons Forsknings och Innovationsprogrammet will present their results. 

Programme Vehicle ICT Arena - 10th Innovation Bazaar

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Welcome and introduction
Kent Eric Lång, Project Manager, Lindholmen Science Park and RISE Viktoria Swedish ICT


Developing mobility solutions

New shared mobility, the challenges and opportunities

Bodil Eriksson
Chief Executive, Mobility, Volvo Cars

Voices from the Bazaar


Elevator pitch from the exhibitors
Kent Eric Lång, Moderator


Networking break - Visit the exhibition - Coffee


Maserati/Alfa Romeo look for start-ups in Sweden

What we look for and what we offer
Ulrika Hoonk, Project Manager Italy, Business Sweden


Panel discussion - What can Android in cars offer for 3rd parties

Martin Kristensson, Senior Director AD and Connectivity Strategy, Volvo Cars

Ingmar Bengtsson, Global Technology Manager On-Board Services, Volvo Group Truck Technologies

Magnus Gunnarsson, Strategi Marketing Automotive, Product Manager, Ericsson



Joint research environment in electromobility at Lindholmen

Establishing a new unique test bed
Henrik Svenningstorp

Voices fron the crowd



Networking Break - Visit the Exhibition - Smoothie

FFI projects - Reports from completed projects

Johan Isacson, Combitech
Andreas Rasmusson, Scania
Erik Ekengren, HUD Solutions
Steve Cook, Norconsult
Sverker Alänge, Chalmers

Summary and near term plan
Kent Eric Lång, LSP/Viktoria Swedish ICT


The event is fully booked. 


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For more information, please contact

Kent Eric Lång, Project Manager, Vehicle ICT Arena
Phone: +46 702 410 103
Email: kent-eric.lang@ri.se