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Vehicle ICT Arena - Innovation Bazaar

8 september 2016 13:00 till 17:00
Lindholmen Conference Centre, Lindholmspiren 3-5, Göteborg. Room Pascal
Innovation starts with personal relationships and creativity. The actors need to meet, present research results, ideas and products, discuss trends and customer needs. That's why Lindholmen Science Park arrange Innovation Bazaar.

Managing disruptive changes

Volkswagen Group CEO Matthias Mueller recently mapped out a sweeping strategy overhaul focused on electric cars, automated driving and services such as ride-hailing, according to Automotive News.

Cumulative investment in new autonomous mobility solutions will amount to several billion euros, he said. "We will develop the necessary expertise and are planning to hire around 1,000 additional software specialists, among other measures," Mueller said.

VW is not the only automotive OEM investing heavily in the three innovation areas based on software. These innovations may all have disruptive impact on the automotive industry.

Are we in the Swedish cluster prepared to move fast enough?

McKinsey recently completed a study ”Digital in transport – Sweden”. Associate Partner Anders Suneson will present key findings. It is a huge business potential in the many ineffiencies in the transportation system. Are the Swedish cluster correctly positioned in the digital technology? Fredrik will present strengthes, weaknesses and propose urgent actions.

Mike Moghaddas is Founding Partner of AM2 a company advising companies in business development. He is also Partner in Noor Capital, a growth and buy-out fund with an investment focus on ICT and Security. Mike was part of the Core team at SonyEricsson that helped with exponential growth of Voice Signal home-run exit ($300 MN) part of Nuance Corp. Mike live in Gothenburg and will present his recommendations how to manage disruptive changes.

Michèl Annink, Senior Director, Mobility Services and Customer Journeys at NEVS joined the company in March. NEVS vision is to shape mobility for a sustainable future. How can a Swedish-based start-up company leverage the disruptive change with China as the homemarket?

Sverker Alänge, Associate Professor at Chalmers launched a book in June, “The Silicon Valley Model” together with Annica Steiber. They have studied how Google and others are managing evolutionary and disruptive development simultaneously in the organisation.

Adam Erritsöe is Innovation Manager at Semler Group. He will explain to us why Denmarks largest Automative Dealer has invested in Local Motors – “We aren’t here to build vehicles - We’re here to reinvent them”.

Lewis Horne is founder and CEO of Team Uniti at Ideon Lund. They have decided to develop a new electrical vehicle engaging the crow. Open source is one way to do it. They plan to test the first prototypes on-road in mid 2017.

Programme Vehicle ICT Arena - 8th Innovation Bazaar

13:00 Welcome and introduction
Kent Eric Lång, Lindholmen Science Park and Viktoria Swedish ICT, Project Manager

Digitilization in transport - Sweden
Anders SunesonAssociate Partner, McKinsey

Developing a new EV together with the crowd
Lewis Horne, CEO, Uniti

Mobility services and customer journeys
Michèl Annink, Senior Director, Mobility Services and Customer Journeys, NEVS


Elevator pitch from the exhibitors
Kent Eric Lång, moderator
One minute from each of the exhibitors


Networking Break - Exhibition - Coffee


An entrepreneurial and venture capital view of disruptive change
Mike Moghaddas, Founding Partner, AM2

The Silicon Valley Model
Sverker Alänge, Associate Professor, Chalmers

Why an automotive dealer invest in crowd sourcing design
Adam Erritzöe, Innovation Manager, Semler Group A/S

Innovation by engineering houses
Anders Sundin, Semcon, Semcon Innovation Lab
Joakim Hökegård, HiQ, Business Innovation Cases


Voices from the Crowd


Networking Break - Exhibition - Smoothies


SHOP – a concept in progress within Vehicle ICT Arena 
Kent Eric Lång, Viktoria Swedish ICT

FFI Cybersecurity Projects
Henrik Broberg, Volvo Cars

CEVT today, and needed local support for continued growth and success
Jerker Andersson, VP EESE, CEVT


Summary and Vehicle ICT Arena near term plan
Kent Eric Lång, Lindholmen Science Park and 
Viktoria Swedish ICT, Project Manager


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Cloud connected testsystem for automotive


VR innovation project for automotive


Innovation Lab




ADAS verification


New Electrical Vehicle



Uniquesec AB

Radar signal processing

Mentor Graphics



Connected Vehice concept


Scalable automotive platform ready for rapid-prototyping


Virtual test platform for function verification


ADAS verification

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For more information, please contact

Kent Eric Lång, Project Manager, Vehicle ICT Arena
Phone: +46 702 410 103
Email: kent-eric.lang@viktoria.se