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Vehicle ICT Arena - Innovation Bazaar

3 september 2015 13:00 till 17:00
Lindholmen Conference Centre, Lindholmspiren 3-5, Göteborg. Room Pascal
Innovation starts with personal relationships and creativity. The actors need to meet, present research results, ideas and products, discuss trends and customer needs. That's why Lindholmen Science Park arrange Innovation Bazaar.

vehicleict-date.jpgSeptember 3, 2015



vehicleict-location.jpgLindholmen Conference Centre

Lindholmspiren 3-5, Göteborg


Download Programme (pdf)

Programme Vehicle ICT Arena - 6th Innovation Bazaar

The themes for the Bazaar is innovation speed and electrification.

Download speaker presentations below

13.00 Kent Eric Lång, Lindholmen Science Park and Viktoria Swedish ICT, Project Manager
Welcome and introduction

Keynote: Automotive- an industry in transition. Perspectives from Tesla and Silicon Valley
Peter Carlsson, Tesla Motors, VP Purchasing & Logistics

Voices from the Bazaar


Elevator pitch from the exhibitors
Kent Eric Lång, moderator
One minute from each of the exhibitors


Break - Visit the Exhibition - Coffee

14.10 Continuous deployment of new features and functions in vehicles  

Panel discussion
Chalmers, Delphi, Tesla, Volvo Cars, Volvo Truck

15.10 State of the art - Deep Machine Learning
John Ardelius, SICS Swedish ICT, PhD, Senior Researcher

Break - Visit the Exhibition - Smoothies


FFI Energi och Miljö (presentations in Swedish)​


Summary and Vehicle ICT Arena near term plan
Kent Eric Lång, Lindholmen Science Park and Viktoria Swedish ICT, Project Manager



unnamed_8.jpgKeynote speaker is Peter Carlsson, VP Purchasing and Logistics, Tesla Motors, CA USA. Peter has been part of the top management team at Tesla for the last four years. Tesla, with headquarter in the heart of the Internet industry Silicon Valley, is not working the same way as the classical automotive industry. He will give his inside view how Tesla is managing to build an organisation to deliver and meet premium customer expectations.

Continuous up-dates is what we expect in our computers and smartphones already. Professor Jan Bosch at Software Centre and Chalmes is working with Swedish industry to climb the stairway-to-heaven.


Tesla offers their customers over-the-air software up-dates with new features in delivered vehicles. They are also claiming that they will offer autonomous driving within a few years, to already delivered cars. Representatives from Delphi, Volvo GTT and Volvo Cars will present how far they are and discuss with Peter Carlsson and Jan Bosch about the future for the vehicle industry.

Tesla is challenging the existing car makers by beeing totally focused on electrical propulsion. Swedish vehicle industry is developing electrical systems and know how supported by the FFI Program. The sub-program Energi och Miljö will present the roadmap, vision and some good project examples from Volvo Cars, AB Volvo and Kongsberg. The Innovation Bazaar is “Samverkansforum” for the FFI Program.

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For more information, please contact

Kent Eric Lång, Project Manager, Vehicle ICT Arena
Phone: +46 702 410 103
Email: kent-eric.lang@viktoria.se