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Vehicle ICT Arena - Innovation Bazaar

4 februari 2015 13:00 till 17:00
Lindholmen Conference Center, Lindholmspiren 5, Göteborg
Innovation starts with personal relationships and creativity. The actors need to meet, present research results, ideas and products, discuss trends and customer needs. That's why Lindholmen Science Park arrange Innovation Bazaar.

The first Innovation Bazaar of 2015 will have three main topics:

1.     Innovation – Speed – Productivity to be world class
Actors in the global vehicle industry need to be innovative and continuously improve quality and cost to stay competitive. What is the result of benchmarking with new OEMs Qoros? How can CEVT at Lindholmen stay competitive as global development centre? We are presenting good examples of innovative suppliers in the Swedish cluster – Neonode, e-Power and T-Engineering.
2.     Open Innovation with Automotive Grade Android
The open source development platform Automotive Grade Android was launched at the Innovation Bazaar in September 2014. This time Volvo Truck will launch an open innovation contest. Chalmers will present how AGA and open innovation contest were successfully used in a course with 180 students. Several interesting apps were show cased for a jury.  
3.     FFI Efficient and Connected Transport Systems
Innovation Bazaar is collaborative forum for the Strategic Vehicle Research Program (FFI). Project examples are presented and an invitation to a new strategic program for Big Data will be introduced.

vehicleict-date.jpgFebruary 4, 2015



vehicleict-location.jpgLindholmen Conference Centre

Lindholmspiren 3-5, Göteborg


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Roger Malkusson, VP R&D Getinge Infection Control AB will give his recommendations to Swedish vehicle industry to be successful in the global competition. Roger has 8 years of experience from the industry in China as former Executive Director of Vehicle Integration at Qoros and Director Vehicle Integration at GM PATAC. Qoros Automotive Co. Ltd. was founded in 2007 and the first production model Qoros 3 Sedan was launched in the 4th quarter of 2013 with a 5 star safety rating in Euro NCAP. Roger worked many years in Trollhättan at Saab Automobile, the last 5 years as Chief Engineer, Vehicle Integration.
Jerker Andersson, Vice President EESE at CEVT AB (China Euro Vehicle Technology AB) will talk about the challenges to build a global development center and the support needed from partners. CEVT was founded in 2013 and growing at a rapid pace.

Klas Lundgren, CEO T-Engineering. T-Engineering is owned by Dongfeng Motors, the groups first wholly-owned research and development center outside China. The company work entirely independent from the owners in respect of assignments for other customers. How can an engineering services from Trollhättan, Sweden compete with local engineering?

Simon Fellin, Business Development Manager Automotive, Neonode Technologies, the optical touch technology company, showcased cutting edge touch and proximity technologies for automotive market at 2015 International CES, January 6-9. Simon will present the new concepts.

Patrik Fagerberg, Global R&D Manager, e-Power Nordic, will share his experience from the start-up to the first production orders. e-Power was established in 2011 by Kongsberg Automotive and Swedish electronics company QRTECH. e-Power aims to excel in the field of power electronics.
Lars Mårtensson, Director Environment and Innovation, Volvo Trucks will launch Automotive Grade Android Challenge, an open innovation contest.
Håkan Burden, Teacher at Chalmers University of Technology will share experiences from the AGA App Challenge. In a Software Engineering course the students learned how to design and develop software by using AGA in collaboration with partners of the Vehicle ICT Arena. As a result the students were exposed to the agenda of the partners, on-going research was evaluated and a multitude of new apps were developed.

Christina Kvarnström, Vinnova will give an overview of the program FFI – Efficient and Connected Transport Systems.

Erik Israelsson, Volvo Cars, presents how the company makes strategic investments and initiates collaborative projects around cloud-based solutions. Ice warning is the first safety feature in the Volvo-cloud.

Stefan Jakobsson, Consenso will present REACH – access management in logistics transportation, a new FFI project.

Björn Bjurling, SICS Swedish ICT will present DOIT – Big data analytics for data-driven optimization in automated decision making for heavy-duty vehicle road transportation.

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