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VICTA Education

Competency Supply

Swedish automotive industry needs skilled and clever engineers to continue being competitive on a global market. VICTA is therefor involved in facilitating that engineering students get the availability to work with both realistic and urgent challenges. 


By involving the students in the current challenges the automotive industry is facing we can achieve a win-win-win collaboration:

  • VICTA Partners get to present their business propositions, introduce relevant automotive concepts and establish a positive relationship with possible employees
  • Students get to work on real challenges in collaboration with external stakeholders, gaining both attractive skills and  competences as well as a network of professionals
  • Academics get inspiration  and contacts for future research and are continuously updated on industrial practices and challenges which enables them to relate and motivate the intended learning objectives to the outside world

Open Digital Innovation

Twice engineering students have collaborated with VICTA partners to come up with new services that are safe to use while driving a truck. As a spin-off, one of the student teams went on to be one of the winners in Volvo's Innovation Challenge

Another example of collaboration for open digital innovation is how 153 engineering students participated in the Electricity Innovation Challenge in 2015

The collaboration was so successful that another 50 students were asked to come up with new applications for supporting the in-depot service of the new electrified buses in the spring of 2016.   

Håkan Burden /