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Our offering

VICTA Lab is simulation lab that provides Startups, SME's and Researchers with resources needed to test and demonstrate new active safety and infotainment vehicle functions to fast-track the process of acquiring a top automotive client.

We provide simulation models from our partners for both cars and trucks, scenarios for test tracks and open roads as well as HMI capabilities for Genivi and Android. 

VICTA Lab is an on-going project enabling a flexible setup. We offer two coherent test and demonstration platforms. The first platform can be downloaded and installed on your own computer while the second platform is physically located in our premises at Lindholmen. Both platforms include scenarios, vehicle simulations and HMI components but differ in how these are implemented.

Our test and demonstration platforms:



    Is a prototype platform used to test behaviours such as platooning. Has mainly been used in educational purposes.

  • Technical Support

    We also offer technical support to testers. In our networks we also have top researchers in the field that can be consulted for advise.

  • Vehicle MIL/HIL Simulator

    Our realtime simulator is physically located in our premises at Lindholmen and works for both software and hardware components (so called Hardware and Model-in-the-loop), containing a virtual representation of a Volvo XC90.   

  • VICTA Education

    We educate the next generations software developers to solve the challenges the automotive industry faces as software is increasing in vehicles. Read more