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About VICTA Lab

VICTA Lab is simulation lab that provides Startups, SME's and Researchers with resources needed to test and demonstrate new active safety and infotainment vehicle functions to fast-track the process of acquiring a top automotive client.

Open Innovation

VICTA Lab is an innovation arena for the test and demonstration of software applications, functions and services targeting the automotive domain. The ambition is to open up new supply chains for automotive ICT. The lab enables enterprises other than (without excluding) the traditional suppliers to test in a realistic setting as well as to demonstrate for intended customers. The lab can also be used for research and educational purposes to bring forward new ideas and innovative solutions. Through real-time simulation capacities ideas can be tested and demonstrated early in the development phase to reduce both risk and up-front investment.    

The risks and the up-front investments are reduced as innovations can be verified and validated early in the development, enabling new business opportunities and knowledge to develop.

Competence Supply

Besides new business opportunities, the lab provides the resources needed to plan, conduct and evaluate concept studies where experimentation with automotive concepts and processes are key enablers for gaining new insights. In this way the lab is a stepping stone towards delivering novel, safe and sustainable services and products within the Swedish vehicle and transport industry.



VICTA Lab founders


  • HIQ

    HiQ helps to make the world a better place by making people’s lives simpler through technology and communication. We are the perfect partner for everyone eager to achieve results that make a difference in a digital world. We are a leading Nordic company with both regional and global clients. Thanks to our range we work at all levels within our clients’ organisations – with IT and R&D as well as on the marketing and business development side. We are present in all industries, helping organisations to strengthen their businesses, simplify for their users, and streamline operations. 

  • Semcon

    Semcon is an international technology company that develops products based on human needs and behaviours. We strengthen our customers’ competitiveness by always starting from the end user, because the person who knows most about the user’s needs creates the best products and the clearest benefits to humans. Semcon collaborates mainly with companies in the automotive, industry, energy and life science sectors. With more than 2000 specialised employees, Semcon has the ability to take care of the entire product development cycle, from strategy and technology development to design and product information. 

  • Volvo Cars

    Volvo Cars is one of the most well-known and respected car brands and is heralding an all-electric future. At Volvo Cars we innovate for people. For nearly a century we have been making life easier, better and safer with cutting-edge technology. Our bold innovations deliver a premium experience through intuitive technology and effortless solutions.

  • VTI

    The Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI), is an independent and internationally prominent research institute in the transport sector. Its principal task is to conduct research and development related to infrastructure, traffic and transport. VTI has about 200 employees and is located in Linköping (head office), Stockholm, Gothenburg, Borlänge and Lund.