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Meeting with Vinnova focuses on changes to working practices

VICTA-X, VICTA Lab, RISE Viktoria and Test Site Sweden-West jointly invited Vinnova to an information meeting. On March 21, women from academia, the public sector and the business sector met in beautiful Blenda View at Lindholmen to hear more about forthcoming calls for proposals.
Ulf Hammarberg, DHL, Kristin Hedlund, DB Schenker and Petter Huddén, Bring

One of the organizers was Johanna Bergman from Test Site Sweden-West, Lindholmen Science Park. Commenting on the meeting, she said the highlight was:

“Hearing the wise thoughts on how important it is that innovation projects aimed at benefiting many different types of people must also be run by mixed project groups and how the design of the call for project proposals influences who applies.”

Vinnova took the opportunity to listen to recommendations on how it can change its working practices so more women apply and lead projects. They describe their experiences below:

At Vinnova, we were truly impressed by the commitment shown by participants toward gender equality between men and women in the field of ICT. We began by showing rather gloomy statistics, for example, that Vinnova’s project portfolio in the international ICT program only has about 10% of women participants, but the discussion that followed included several good proposals for how gender equality can improve as Sweden becomes more digital. Examples included: a confusing number and highly niched Vinnova projects – a single, large portal is needed and more focus on the whole and the needs of real users instead of narrow technology development, application coaches are needed, positive with equal opportunity criteria fromthe call for application via assessment to follow-up, more focus on the make-up of the entire project group rather than on the project manager’s CV, opportunity for “exchange” during the project period between senior and junior as project manager, etc.,” says Jonas Bjarne, Senior Program Manager Vinnova.

“A highly successful collaboration that we should repeat,” says Lena Holmberg, project manager at Victa X.