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Aptiv – a company undergoing rapid growth

Aptiv designs and manufactures electronic systems and advanced safety technology and integrates the hardware and software for autonomous vehicles. When Navigant Research published its leaderboard of autonomous vehicles in January, Aptiv earned a seventh-place ranking.

We asked Jonas Arkensved, who has global responsibility for agile work methods at Aptiv, what Vehicle ICT Arena (VICTA) can do to support Aptiv in the future. 

How has your business developed over the past five years?
“Our business has gone from being an independent company in a global group to being an integrated part of the global operations. During this period, we have also grown by about 50% in terms of the number of engineers we have employed in Gothenburg. We’re still recruiting to find even more engineers who can work on our various global projects. Aptiv is also undergoing a transformation as a technology company specializing in mobility solutions.

“Within Aptiv, those of us in Gothenburg also have specific management responsibility in a number of areas globally. We have been given this responsibility because of our technical expertise and strong results in terms of project execution.”

How can VICTA support you as a partner?
“By being a facilitator for meetings between industry, academia and government agencies. Providing assistance and information about opportunities in terms of technology, business and collaboration.”

What do you think is the key to success as a supplier in the automotive industry of the future? 
“The ability to quickly adapt to changes, an attractive offering (products and services) and a high level of competence.”

Are we quick enough in Sweden?
“In certain areas. But we need to consider which areas we need to be quick in.”