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140 students demonstrate miniature-vehicles with VICTA Lab

19 October 2017 13:00 to 17:00
Gågatan, Lindholmspiren 3-5, Lindholmen Science Park
140 IT students and engineers from Chalmers have been fully occupied during the fall with getting miniature vehicles, MOPEDs, to drive in a column. Welcome to see what the students have done and take the chance to network.

One of the thoughts behind the MOPEDs is that they will provide a realistic platform for experimentation on functional development. During five weeks, the students have successfully implemented ACC, auto-correction of the front wheel axle, and started experimenting with image recognition to determine what is worth following and what is an obstacle. The twelve groups are at different stages, but we will see automation of vehicle behavior and demonstration of different development solutions.

Welcome to see what the students have done, tie in and bring some suggestions on candidate projects, because 40 of the students will spend the spring semester on project work before they finish their education.

This is part of VICTA's focus on skills development.

Read more about the project

Arranged by VICTA Lab.