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Become a partner

Vehicle ICT Arena offers a number of opportunities for forums and activities on a range of levels. We offer three levels of partnership.

Core Partner - Participates in strategic planning, Roundtable Forum and meeting places. Access to Vehicle ICT Lab for reduced cost. Volvo Cars and Volvo Group are Core Partners since inception.

Premium Partner - Participates in Roundtable Forum and meeting places. Access to Vehicle ICT Lab for reduced cost. 

Associate Partner - Updated on decisions by the Roundtable Forum and invited as visitors to meeting places. Access to Vehicle ICT Lab for full charge.

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What we offer

Activites and opportunities


Monthly meetings to establish sectorspecific processes and reference architectures. This is where strategies are developed for increased innovation and to ensure the value of invest- ments. In this forum, trusting discussions are carried out and experience exchanged on re- search, product and industrialization strategies. Participants are representatives from Core and Premium Partners.


Quarterly meetings in which Associate Partners are brought up to date on the latest developments in the arena.


Events for inspiration and networking, with presentations, demonstrations and experiments. Open to everyone interested in bringing new ideas and making partnerships and new alliances.


An important task for the arena is to manage, cultivate and share knowledge. This is done through the Annual Meeting, with workshops, seminars, exhibitions, matchmaking, etc.


Innovation challenges are arranged in a new needsdriven concept, Open Innovation Challenges. Strategic discussions are carried out in Roundtable Forum. Participants are representatives from partners in Vehicle ICT Arena.


A lab with simulators that are open for all players to test and demonstrate products in a comprehensive automotive environment. It also offers a guarantee for the customer that the product has been run in the test environment reference architecture.


Educational initiatives are conducted by the arena to both broaden and deepen knowledge in the area of expertise. The lab is a instructional tool.


As a neutral party, Vehicle ICT Arena can initiate collaborative projects with opportunities for cofunding. Funds can be applied for, for example, from the FFI programme for vehicle and traffic safety, or the EU framework programme for research for innovation.


Vehicle ICT Arena participates in PhD programmes. Longterm and applied research offers specialist expertise and contributes to new, innovative products. Slated to begin shortly.


The Arena will promote the Swedish automotive industry’s international dissemination in issues concerning export, import, investments and partnership. Global initiatives of stakeholders will be promoted through seminars, study visits and matchmaking. Slated to begin shortly.