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Vehicle ICT Arena - Innovation Bazaar

22 mars 2017 13:00 till 17:00
Lindholmen Conference Centre, Lindholmspiren 3-5, Göteborg. Room Pascal
Innovation starts with personal relationships and creativity. The actors need to meet, present research results, ideas and products, discuss trends and customer needs. That is why Lindholmen Science Park arrange Innovation Bazaar.

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Developing selfdriving cars

All car manufacturers claim they will have selfdriving cars in the market by 2021. But in most cases it is unclear what the customer offer will be. It is clear that it is a global race to develop safe and userfriendly solutions at reasonble cost. The DriveMe project has put Sweden in the front and 2017 will be the year to deliver and prove leadership.

Are we in the Swedish cluster prepared to move fast enough? 

Volvo Cars and Autoliv have established a new joint venture Zenuity to adress the new market for autonomous driving software systems. The head office will be located at Lindholmen. The CEO Dennis Nobelius will present ”Competing with the Tech Giants, creating an Autonomous Driving Powerhouse”.

Autoliv is the market leader in passive safety systems and is investing heavily in ADAS, active safety and autonomous driving. Peter Rogbrant, head of engineering in Autoliv Electronics will talk about ” Being winners in the safety electronics market”. 

Maserati/Alfa Romeo is coming to the Bazaar to find Swedish partners and suppliers in many areas including autonomous driving. Ulrika Hoonk will present how Business Sweden support Swedish actors and current activities. Fulvio Podio, country manager Italy at Autoliv will give his view on ”How to be successful in Italian automotive industry”.   

Volvo Cars was the initiator to build-up an open test environment for vehicle embedded software and services. We are very happy to invite You for the official launch of VICTA Lab. Fredrik Höök, Volvo Cars will present the Volvo Cars SPA simulation environment available in the lab. Kenneth Lind, RISE Viktoria responsible for VICTA Lab will present the opportunities with the lab and how to get access.

Several projects in FFI Fordons Forsknings och Innovationsprogrammet will present their results.

Programme Vehicle ICT Arena - 9th Innovation Bazaar

13:00 Welcome and introduction
Kent Eric Lång, Project Manager, Lindholmen Science Park and RISE Viktoria Swedish ICT

Competing with the Tech Giants, creating an Autonomous Driving Powerhouse
Dennis Nobelius, CEO, Zenuity

Towards world leading in active safety
Peter Rogbrant, Head of Engineering, Autoliv Electronics

The launch of VICTA Lab

Voices from the Bazaar

14.10 Elevator pitch from the exhibitors, Kent Eric Lång, Moderator  

Networking Break - Visit the Exhibition - Coffee


Fiat Chrysler and Maserati/Alfa Romeo look for Swedish know how

Current activities in automotive
Ulrika Hoonk, Project Manager Italy, Business Sweden

Collaboration for connected and selfdriving cars
Purchasing, Maserati/Alfa Romeo

How to be successful in Italian automotive industry
Fulvio Podio, Country Manager Italy, Autoliv


Voices from the Crowd


Networking Break - Visit the Exhibition - Smoothies


FFI projects

17.00 TBD  


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For more information, please contact

Kent Eric Lång, Project Manager, Vehicle ICT Arena
Phone: +46 702 410 103
Email: kent-eric.lang@viktoria.se